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FISCForeign Intelligence Surveillance Court
FISCFleet and Industrial Supply Center (US Navy)
FISCForeign International Sales Company (IRB)
FISCForum Intergouvernemental sur la Sécurité Chimique
FISCFast Illinois Solver Code (UIUC)
FISCFarm and Industry Short Course (University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
FISCFranciscan International Study Centre (UK)
FISCFidelity Investments Systems Company
FISCFuels Information Service Center
FISCFood Industry Suppliers of Canada
FISCFinancial Information Service Centre (Ireland)
FISCFlight Instrument Signal Converter
FISCForeign International Switching Center (Sprint)
FISCFlooring Installation Supply Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
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In 1978 Congress created FISC to serve as a neutral, disinterested observer.
The FiSC estimates for these two cities tell a very different story.
Obama's pre-emptive FISC concession will appease the anti-antiterror left and right.
Robertson was not sure how exactly the FISC might hear from an adversary, but some members of the board appeared to take the suggestion seriously in follow-up questions during the rest of the panel.
On March 3, 2005, a seventh FISC was established in Sigonella, Italy.
They had painted themselves into a little bit of a corner and the FISC recognized as much.
Navy civilian Paula Hoff, an administrative branch supervisor for FISC San Diego, said she felt the need to buy and donate goods the moment the diversity committee announced the drive.
The Federal Business Council is presenting the FISC conference to be held June 16 & 17 at the Antlers Adam's Mark Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
With the new location, FISC announces the new product suite offered through its FISContingency[TM] service.
The survey had an outstanding 83% response rate by FISC employees.
The FISC mostly operates in secret, so the actual court decision remained classified.
Navy Chief Petty Officer Runner-up: MMC (SW/AW) Robert Constantino, FISC Yokosuka, Japan