FISCSDFleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego
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Tine Thompson is a strategic marketplace manager on the FISCSD strategic marketplace management team.
On several occasions FISCSD has provided husbanding support to Navy/Marine Corps expeditionary forces visiting various areas in Central America.
"But, FISCSD is working with CAPT Harry Davis, the COMNAVSURFOR Force Supply Officer, to identify and project the breath of husbanding services required by the ship."
FISCSD serves as the supply program manager for Commander, Navy Region Southwest (CNRSW), providing supply support to a variety of customers at eleven commands, located throughout California and Nevada.
Since January 2005, FISCSD has provided services to CNRSW installations, which include personal property, mail, hazardous material control and management, large contracting/ simplified acquisition, warehousing, inventory management/ control, and transportation.
While each FISC has a similar relationship with one or more regional commanders within their respective areas of responsibility, the relationship between CNRSW and FISCSD has matured over the years.
"The challenge of ensuring that each installation delivers consistent standards of performance across such a diverse set of functions is a daunting task," explained FISCSD Executive Director, Mike Stames.
Programs such as Lean Six Sigma enable FISCSD to operate at the highest and most efficient levels, thus enabling its employees to tackle any project that comes their way.
With the ongoing war against terrorism, our personnel overseas, and the continued demand for services and goods to our customers, the continued need for support from organizations like FISCSD is the future of the Navy.
The project has seen more than $17,000 in Type II savings, freeing up nearly 50 man hours reconciling carcasses within NAVICP and FISCSD. The team stayed on schedule, made significant improvements and savings and now has a process that can be replicated by at least six other parts of the organization for even greater savings across the Navy.