FISCSIFleet and Industrial Supply Center Sigonella (US Navy)
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FISCSI Site Bahrain ESG Support Unit is fully engaged in the physical movement of all passengers, mail and cargo (P/M/C) based on ship and CTF-53 guidance.
In February 2008, FISCSI asked USPIS inspectors to provide training in Sicily, Italy, to its regional supply officers and program directors, which focused on force protection techniques pertaining to the U.
The FISCSI Postal Team is empowering all self-service Click-N-Ship customers by offering a variety of convenient services.
Africa Command theaters, said FISCSI Contracting Director, CAPT Drew Mullin.
The LSC FISCSI Site Bahrain also provides other logistics support based on their extensive expertise.
As a prelude, FISCSI engaged with Commander, Task Force 63 (CTF-63) and CTF-65 in supporting the recent GoG port calls of USS Emory S.
Partnering with NAVFAC, FISCSI is developing modifications to the existing statement of work (SOW).
The welcome package provides complete details of the services available for the deployed supply officers here in theater including the names and contact information of the important contracting and logistics personnel who will be providing service," said Clay Welker, FISCSI Site Dubai deputy contracting officer.
He showed how FISCSI is part of the Naval Supply System Command's global integrated network of government and commercial service providers that provides deployable, tailorable and scalable joint expeditionary logistics support on demand.
Led by Postal Clerk 1st Class Edward Uptagrafft, Leading Petty Officer and an eighth generation Sailor, the postal clerks of FISCSI Detachment London implemented a new postal route and schedule that reduced the amount of time spent on the road, combined stops, and made more efficient use of assigned personnel and vehicles, thereby eliminating the need for a contract driver and vehicle and saving $81,000.
FISCSI Commanding Officer CAPT John Camuso and selected members of his staff recently visited the FISCSI Bahrain site to conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the newly installed NAVSUP sign by building 36, where the administrative and business offices are located.
Thomas; Semmler; FISCSI Commanding Officer, CAPT John Camuso; FISCSI Executive Officer, CDR Phillip Allison; FISCSI Readiness Officer, LCDR (Sel) Gene Griffith; DDSI Operations Director, LT Rob Alexander; DDSI Deputy Commander, Denise Cordeiro; and COMFISCS Command Master Chief, CMDCM (SW/ AW) James Fryckman.