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FISCUSCost Evaluation and Financing Schemes for Urban Transport Systems (European research project)
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Similar to the Fiscus and Niggol (1965) dataset, sightings were imported into ArcView to determine whether any fell within the study area.
Despite all the major stories you've covered, you say the Kathy Fiscus story remains the most memorable.
The challenge the biotechnology industry faces," says Fiscus, "is that many companies, especially small to midsize biotechs, may not have a full-time risk manager or other resources necessary to develop or implement effective risk management practices.
Fiscus says that Bashas' is focusing on each category and carefully analyzing what it can offer its customer that is both distinctive and appealing.
Fiscus, Hans-Conrad zur Loye Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Sooyin Chin, Michael D.
The biotech industry needs to be more proactive in its education of the public," Fiscus said.
Sounding a note of repressive tolerance, a city council member allows that ethnicity "will not be the single factor to keep people out of the community" (Kossan, 1996: B1, B2; see Fiscus and Kossan, 1996).
McMahon and Fiscus (1992) report that, in the Northwest Territories of Canada, books-by-mail is supplemented by the use of fifty to seventy-five book deposit collections that are circulated by an on-site volunteer.
96) after 96; if Christians did not pay the fiscus Judaicus, which was to be paid only by those who followed their ancestral customs, they were clearly not Jews.
Professor Fiscus begins with what might be referred to as first principles and develops a distributive justice rationale for affirmative action.
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