FISETFundo de Investimentos Setoriais (Portuguese: Sectoral Investment Fund; Brazil)
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Estos hallazgos fueron vigorosamente criticados en aspectos metodologicos (Fiset, 2010; Marshall-Pescini, Passalacqua, Valsecchi, & Prato-Previdel, 2010) y replicados con minuciosas variaciones en el procedimiento con el objeto de resolver dichos problemas (Kis et al, 2012; Sumegi, Kis, Miklosi, & Topal, 2013; Topal, Miklosi, Sumegi, & Kis, 2010).
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The research team would like to thank Ms Marie-Josee Fiset for giving us access to the two buildings of the national library and archives of Quebec.
Despite the expectation that nurses have both the skills and knowledge to care for dying patients, without direct patient and family interactions, students cannot adequately prepare for this critical role (Brajtman, Fothergill-Bourbonnais, Fiset, & Alain, 2009).
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Murray, Fiset, and O'Connor (2004) conducted a multiple-method needs assessment to identify the learning needs of Canadian hospice nurses employed at a single site.