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FISHFluorescence In Situ Hybridization (genetics test)
FISHFluoreszenz-in-Situ Hybridisierung (nucleic acids)
FISHFederazione Italiana per il Superamento dell Handicap
FISHFlash Internal Semiconductor Harddrive
FISHFirst In Still Here
FISHFriends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery
FISHFriends in Service Helping
FISHFighting in Someone's House (NATO/British Army)
FISHFresh Ideas Start Here
FISHForensic Information System for Handwriting
FISHForensic Information Scanning Hub (criminal investigation software)
FISHFellowship in Someone's Home
FISHFibonacci Shrinking Generator (cryptography)
FISHFellowship in School Hours
FISHForget It Stuff Happens (polite form)
FISHFirst I Seek Him (Maranatha Academy)
FISHFriends in Service for Him
FISHFoundation for Science and the Handicapped, Inc.
FISHFish Information Services Haddington
FISHFoundation for Indian Scientific Heritage (India)
FISHFree Info on Student Health
FISHFamilies Invested Support Health
FISHFortified Irish Small House
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During their absence the whole population of the place were in a ferment, and nothing was talked of but 'pehee, pehee' (fish, fish).
Then the fish came swimming to him, and said, 'Well, what is her will?
- to land that fish; and every moment I thought the line was going to snap!
"Thank Heaven, I'm not a fish!" said Pinocchio to himself, trying with these words to find a little courage.
And verily, I am well-disposed to mine eternal fate, because it doth not hound and hurry me, but leaveth me time for merriment and mischief; so that I have to-day ascended this high mountain to catch fish.
But, when it was done, the first day he caught more fish in it than could the whole tribe in a week, whereat there was great rejoicing.
"I've come down to fish sturgeon a couple of months," he said to Carmintel.
The Portuguese smiled a brilliant smile that Harvey learned to know well later, and a short-handled fork began to throw fish into the pen on deck.
There were several fish in his basket and he was in a good temper.
"But I don't think that fish had any bones, because I didn't feel them scratch my throat."
"If I catch more than five fish, I will invite my friends Mr.
“Help, masters, help; here’s a fish hangs in the net, like a poor Man’s right in the law.’—Pericles of Tyre.