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Alepia symmetrica Wyeomyia mitchelhi C Wyeomyia vanduzeei C Culex biscaynensis Forcipomyia seminole Forcipomyia fishi Forcipomyia bromelicola A Monopelopia tillandsia Monopelopia caraguata A Metriocnemus sp.
Although Royzl Fishls' sixteenth century poem "Mithoylf gots yas a" introduces the Psalms translated into Yiddish for women, and in the process preserves the identity of Royzl Fishis herself as a reader, writer, and publisher, the poem itself is not devotional.
(15.) Royzl Fishis, "Mit hoylf gots yas "in Ezra Korman, Yidishe dikhterins: antologye (Women Yiddish Poets: Anthology) (Chicago: Farlag L.
East removed from Akiga's account the names of the colonial officers involved in the summit with chiefs and council members that passed the legislative change (these names are restored and identified in the new translation: 'Mogan'/Morgan from Makurdi, 'Fishi'/Feasey from Abinsi, 'Saim'/Smith from Katsina Ala (23)).
"Riyadh is trying to stir sectarian and religious strife to prevent establishment of a civil government in Yemen since it fears that protests in Yemen spread to Saudi Arabia," Fishi noted.
Fishi called on the Yemeni opposition in the south, where separatist sentiment is high, to put pressure on the government to enforce agreements, arguing that it is in no one's interest to spark a new war in northern Saada province, which has seen six wars between the government and the Houthis.
Meddai: ``Ond dwi ddim yn Cwin fy hunan er bo fi'n helpu mas pan ma nhw'n fishi.''
Mae conan am mor fishi mae arnom ni - a gwneud iot o ddim i leihau'r wasgfa ar yr un pryd - wedi mynd yn norm.
Ond, petai hi ddim yn fishi arna' i fyddai'n rhaid creu gwaith o rywle.
When the chiefs met at Abinsi for their regular meeting, Chafa Fishi (6) told them that it was the intention of the white people administering Tivland to have Tiv people go to Kaduna to see what the world looked like.
The Whiteman, Chafa Fishi, presided over their cases and adjudicated.
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