FISLFórum Internacional Software Livre (Portugese: International Free Software Forum)
FISLFederal Insured Student Loan
FISLFidelity Investment Services Ltd.
FISLFormation Internationale aux Sports de Loisirs (French: International Training for Sports Leisure)
FISLFund for International Service Learning (est. 2004)
FISLFirstAssist Insurance Services Limited (UK)
FISLFidelity Investments Singapore Limited
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The financial part is secured mainly by governments of Gabon and Switzerland, but also by international Schweitzer's organizations FISL and AISL, and national ones (European, American and Japanese).
The remote communications within the intelligent environment in the Laboratory may be performed by implementing of modified Fuzzy-Incremental Synchronous Learning, the FISL Architecture of Fig.
The C-terminal regulatory domain of SOS2 consists of an autoinhibitory FISL motif (Liu et al.
fuere seruido con ordenes precisas para que todas y quales quier impresiones maiores, o menores que seaianecho durante el rebelion, sea en corta, o en mucha cantidad, esten juntas o separadas, las recoja, y remita al Consejo, con los autos que en razon dello hiziere, en cuia vista pedira el fisl.