FISMFederation Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (French: International Federation of Magic Societies; Leiderdorp, The Netherlands)
FISMInternational Federation of Magic Societies
FISMFellow of the Institute of Service Management
FISMFederal Information Security Management Act of 2002
FISMFixed Income Securities Market
FISMFactory Inspectorate Specialist Minute (United Kingdom)
FISMFive Incredibly Sexy Men (band)
FISMFlare Irradiance Spectral Model
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FISM believes that only revival will transform America back to its Christian heritage and biblical values.
High Jinx are used to the big time having finished runners-up in last year's FISM (Fdration Internationale des Socits Magiques) Europe Championships.
DBA, CITP, FBCS, FISM, MInstISP, co-chair of the COBIT 5 Task Force and CEO of Ravenswood Consultants Ltd.
The European FISM Championships are held every four years and this is our first time.
It also provides governance for regulatory compliance with standards such as PCI-DSS, ITIL framework and FISM.
FISM guarantees a rapid development cycle and stable technology roadmap for OpenSIMS, extends the useful life of Symbiot's products and accelerates innovation across Symbiot's suite of proprietary offerings.