FISMFondul de Investitii Sociale din Moldova (Romanian: Moldova Social Investment Fund)
FISMFlare Irradiance Spectral Model
FISMFederation Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (French: International Federation of Magic Societies; Leiderdorp, The Netherlands)
FISMForum International du Son Multicanal (French: International Multichannel Sound Forum)
FISMInternational Federation of Magic Societies
FISMFellow of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (UK)
FISMFellow of the Institute of Service Management
FISMFederal Information Security Management Act of 2002
FISMFixed Income Securities Market
FISMFactory Inspectorate Specialist Minute (United Kingdom)
FISMFive Incredibly Sexy Men (band)
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Instead, TFI's leaders started the career forums in 1955 and ended them in 1960 based on the findings of two studies: a 1954 report that revealed the growing necessity of recruiting and training American scientific talent, and another in 1960 that identified the FISM's untapped potential to steer students toward science and technology careers without direct corporate involvement.
The FISM championship event is held every three years, which gives illusionists enough time to hone their craft and come out with more eye-baffling routines to entertain and confuse the audience.
Preparation of Fluorescein-Labeled Starch Maleate (FISM) Nanoparticles.
amount of each loan will vary according to the FISM amount available when
Table 3 indicates the time intervals between first insemination and second mount (FISM) and between first and second insemination (FSI) throughout the experimental year.
It is clear that enterprises everywhere are aggressively seeking guidance on how to manage and ensure value from the growing mountain of information and increasingly complex technologies they are grappling with," said Derek Oliver, Ph.D., CISA, CISM, CRISC, CITP, FBCS, FISM, MlnstlSP, and co-chair of the COBIT 5 Task Force.
"COBIT's value is in large part due to the collaborative development process that brings together the talents and expertise of industry leaders around the world." said Derek Oliver, CISA, CISM, CRISC, Ph.D., DBA, CITP, FRCS, FISM, MInstISP, co-chair of the COBIT 5 Task Force and CEO of Ravenswood Consultants Ltd.