FISMEFederation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises
FISMEFederazione Italiana per lo Studio delle Malattie Ereditarie
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The FISME IPFCs are also planning to develop competent 'IP Auditors', who can help MSMEs in identifying their hidden treasure of IPs.
According to FISME, the depreciation of the rupee - over 27% fall during the last 13 months, is an opportunity that should not be allowed to go waste.
FISME feels that Indian manufacturers must exploit this currency-generated price advantage to penetrate new geographies such as the ASEAN group of countries, Africa or Latin America.
com's Digital Marketplace technology to create a national B2B marketplace for Indian FISME and Chamber of Commerce members which number over 100,000 member businesses in India.
com, with the UN/G77 and FISME organisations, to operate the Digital Marketplace in India and represent PECOS Internet Procurement Manager (''PECOS.
com's PECOS-oriented Digital Marketplace technology using GMC-TIN's digital certificate business authentication service operated by KPMG and distributed via FISME and the Chambers of Commerce network.
com and FISME for its individual and organisational members, which include individual Chambers.
Therefore, with the help of a leading bank in India, FISME is spreading awareness among Indian SME's on e-commerce by free publications and mass contact programmes through its nationwide network of SME Associations.
The senior representative of FISME and Head of India delegation Mukesh Kalra said that there is need to address tariff and non-tariff barriers and liberalizing the visa issuance policy by both the countries especially the business visas.
He said it is for the first time that Indian SMEs delegation has visited Pakistan through FISME.