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FISPFaculdades Integradas de São Paulo (Portuguese: Integrated College of São Paulo; Brazil)
FISPFondation Interprofessionnelle Sanitaire de Prévoyance (French: Interprofessional Provident Health Foundation)
FISPField Sparrow
FISPFast Imaging with Steady State Precession (MRI technique)
FISPFédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie (French: International Federation of Philosophical Societies)
FISPFurniture Industry Sustainability Programme (Furniture Industry Research Association)
FISPFédération Intercatégorielle des Services Publics (Belgian public service federation)
FISPFlorida Initiative for Suicide Prevention
FISPFly-In Support Package
FISPFunctionality, Interoperability, Security, and Performance
FISPFederal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Project (US Department of the Interior; also seen as FIASP)
FISPFictional Institute of Stock Photography (Caesus website mockup)
FISPFinancial Systems and Payments (UK)
FISPFinancial Information Systems Plan
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The FISP ASL (arterial spin labeling) MRI technique uses blood as an endogenous contrast agent and enables measurement of cortical and medullary perfusion of the transplanted kidney without the use of gadolinium, which is a big advantage.
Meanwhile, to the former FISP president Dermot Moran, the past congresses had already shown growing appreciation for the complexity of the philosophical traditions of the world in recent years.
To the extent that groups like the Chamber and the CMA supported plans such as the FISP, what they supported was the overarching principle of selectivity as a means to provide support for the poor (Haddow 1993; Blake 2009).
While the majority of the seed in Zambia is distributed through FISP or agro-dealers, NGOs are uniquely positioned to facilitate access to orange maize seed for vulnerable households.
Kamboh was all praise for the USAID funded FISP assistance in this regard and urged the management of the FATA Secretariat to implement these systems in their daily work with letter and spirit for achieving the goal of service to the communities in FATA with dedication and accountability.
They have been included prospectively into the study, and dynamic MRI by use of two differently acquired FISP 2D sequences has been performed during a predefined postoperative period of minimally three, and maximally six months after the ETV procedure.
For examination, a three-dimensional (3D) isovoxel true fast imaging with steadystate precession (FISP) sequence with water excitation and secondary multiplanar reformations (MPRs) was performed.
(17.) The most recent World Congress of Philosophy in Seoul, Korea, organized by FISP included the presentation of the first history of the philosophy of Korea.
Organised by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) every five years in a different city - and in Athens for the first time - the congress was a welcome boost to the country's struggling economy, and the Greek capital which has been hit hard by anti-austerity protests.
To address infrastructure deficiencies, the government has increased the agriculture budget allocation, with the bulk of the funding going to the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) and crop purchases for the strategic food reserve.
The basic MR images in all orientations were obtained with true fast imaging with steady precession (true FISP) sequence for the localization of voxels.