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FISTFire Support Team
FISTFrance Innovation Scientifique et Transfert (French)
FISTFuture Integrated Soldier Technology (UK)
FISTFriends in Similar Tights (wrestling)
FISTFederazione Italiana di Scienze della Terra (Italian: Italian Federation of Earth Science)
FISTFuture Infantry Soldier Technology
FISTFinancial Institutions Security Task Force (Oregon Bankers Association)
FISTFile System Translator
FISTFast Industrial-Strength Triangulation
FISTFacility Instrument Science Team (Cassini Plasma Spectrometer)
FISTFree Image Search Tool
FISTFugitive Investigative Strike Team
FISTFull Crew Interactive Skills Trainer
FISTField Intelligence Support Team
FISTFederation of Interstate Truckers (movie)
FISTFMS Initial Support Team
FISTFacilities Instructions Standards Techniques
FISTFAA Information Superhighway for Training
FISTFleet Intelligence Support Team
FISTFoodservice Instructional Simulation Technique (USA)
FISTForce, Information upon which the crowd acts; physical Space (S) involved, individual density and larger scale architectural features; Time , the duration of the incident (crowd control)
FISTFull-Crew Integrated Trainer
FISTFeasible Under Ideal Conditions Creating a Solution or Target
FISTFlexible Infrared Signature Tools (Techniques)
FISTFundamentals of Internetworking Security Technologies (conference)
FISTFully Integrated Systems Test
FISTForward Integrated Support Team
FISTFinancial Institution Safety Training (Citadel Intelligence Corporation)
FISTFleet Imagery Support/Satellite Terminal
FISTFault Isolation by Semi-Automated Techniques
FISTFeeling Intuition Sensing Thinking (Jung personality type indicator)
FISTFreelist Information Services Team
FISTFarmer Initiated Safety Training
FISTFellow of the Institute of Swimming Teachers
FISTFinancial Systems and Training (Melbourne, Australia)
FISTFault Isolation System Tester
FISTFederation of Independent Students of Thailand
FISTFire Integrated Support Team
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Joe's fist passed on through empty air, and so great was the momentum of the blow that it carried him around, in a half twirl, sideways.
Just before it was effected, and at the precise moment that Ponta was ready with his own body to receive the snuggling in of Joe's body, Joe drew back slightly and drove with his fists at his opponent's unprotected stomach.
The victory, according to modern custom, was like to be decided by numbers, when, on a sudden, a fourth pair of fists appeared in the battle, and immediately paid their compliments to the parson; and the owner of them at the same time crying out, "Are not you ashamed, and be d--n'd to you, to fall two of you upon one?"
He stopped shaking his fist very suddenly at that very moment and his jaw actually dropped as he stared over her head at something he saw coming over the grass toward him.
They struck him with their fists, kicked him with their heavy shoes, knocked him down, and dragged him to his feet to knock him down again.
Vainly the judges and watchers begged, pleaded, yelled, and swung with their fists. Men, as well as women, were springing in to thc rope and pulling.
And at the same moment Watson's right fist landed flush on Judge Witberg's nose, putting that legal gentleman over on his back on the grass.
Tom Loker, who, as we have made it appear, was a man of slow thoughts and movements, here interrupted Marks by bringing his heavy fist down on the table, so as to make all ring again, "It'll do!" he said.
The furious savage, with the eyes that darted fire and the fist that threatened destruction, was a total stranger to him.
After that, when in discussions with his village elders or stewards the blood rushed to his face and his fists began to clench, Nicholas would turn the broken ring on his finger and would drop his eyes before the man who was making him angry.
After a time her mood changed and she wept as she carried little Tommie into another room and laid him to sleep with his fists doubled in an old quilt of faded red and green grandeur.
In the darkness of her own room she clenched her fists and glared about.