FISTAForest Industry Safety Training Alliance (Rhinelander, WI)
FISTAFlying Infrared Signatures Technology Aircraft
FISTAFlemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment (Brussels, Belgium)
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At the same time, we compare the performance of proposed method with state-of-the-art methods including SPGL1-LASSO [15], FISTA [12], Accelerated Linearized Bregman (ALB) [26], OMP[11], Inverse Scale Space method (ISS) [29], and Hard Thresholding Pursuit(HTP)[36].
To further speed up the convergence of the proposed method, we applied the power factor [16-18] and the FISTA algorithm [19] to OSTR and TDM-STF, respectively.
The key step of FISTA is to find an efficient algorithm to solve the proximal map subproblem.
Compared with TwIST, FISTA, and SALSA, ALMCD can obtain satisfactory results but is more efficient.
Conventional methods such as FISTA and SISTA are not applicable for the improved cost function.
Although FISTA celebrates 20 years since its founding this month, the origins of the non-governmental organization date back almost 20 years to 1974, when Mouawad's German mother, Dr.
Almost at the same time, Beck and Teboulle [13] give a fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm (FISTA) which achieves the same convergence rate.
Cleared ILS Runway 14 approach." If terrain permits, you might get, "Cross FISTA at or above 5900." Just begin the turn and descent then level off on heading and altitude.
Graham doesn't hang around on the modifying front as by the time I got around to featuring his new Fista ST he had gone and added even more shiny bits.