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FITCFluorescein Isothiocyanate
FITCFlash in the Can
FITCFuture Innovation Technology Creativity
FITCFishery Industrial Technology Center (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
FITCFeed Ingredient Trading Corporation (Delmar, NY)
FITCForeign Investor Tax Credit (New Zealand)
FITCFaculty Instructional Technology Center
FITCFleet Intelligence Training Center
FITCFoundation for International Technological Cooperation (Washington, DC)
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The results of MMP levels are presented as the FITC-positive cells/total cells (corresponding FITC geometric mean).
In the first tube, cells were labelled using phycoerythrin (PE) conjugated monoclonal antibody (MoAb)for surface markers CD3 (BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems, San Jose, CA) and fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) conjugated antibody for CD25 (BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems, San Jose, CA).
Light green color florescence emitted by the intraerythrocytic parasites under dark green background, observed with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) filter in a florescent microscope (Fig.
Hidden from view, the fitC takes up no space and you'll soon forget it's there.
The fluorescent probes FITC-iCREKA and FITC-CREKA were prepared using FITC, a derivative of fluorescein.
The stained samples were examined at excitation/emission wavelengths of 405/461 nm for DAPI and 490/530 nm for FITC.
CD: cluster of differentiation, APC: allophycocyanin, PE: Phycoerythrin, FITC: fluorescein isothiocyanate, and PE-Cy7: R-Phycoerythrin-Cyanine 7.
MitoTracker, DAPI, and FITC dyes were excited with 561,405, and 488 nm laser, respectively, at 2 mV.
For example, anchored VWF strings have been visualized after perfusion of fluorescently labeled platelets [26] or using an FITC-conjugated polyclonal anti-VWF antibody (VWF: IgG: FITC) [25].
The evaluation of immune cells status in blood was measured through full blood count, standard panel of T-cells (CD3), B-cells (Mouse anti Rabbit IgM), and subset T-Lymphocyte (Mouse anti Rabbit CD4, Mouse anti Rabbit CD8) using Flow Cytometry (BD FacsCanto II) Technique, included mixture kits of antibody CD45 APC, antibody CD14 PE, antibody T-Lymphocyte FITC, antibody B-cells FITC, antibody CD4 FITC, and antibody CD8 FITC), using 4 ml of whole blood sample (EDTA tube).