FITCBSAFluorescein Isothiocyanate Conjugated to Bovine Serum Albumin
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Standard curve of respective proteins (IgG, FITCBSA, and bevacizumab) ranging from 31.25 to 2000 [micro]g/mL was prepared in DMSO.
The experimental procedure was 0-40 min, and microdialysis probes were placed in PBS buffer solution, at 40-80 min in 31.25 2-NBDG/9.6 FITC-BSA solution, at 80-120 min in PBS, at 120-160 min in 62.5 [micro]M 2-NBDG/19.2 [micro]M FITCBSA solution, at 160-200 min in PBS again, at 200-240 min in 125 [micro]M 2-NBDG/38.4 [micro]M FITC-BSA, and at 240-280 min in the PBS buffer solution.
However, this change in the stability of FITC-BSA will not affect our conclusions about honey-induced stabilization since the stability of FITCBSA was compared both in the absence and presence of honey.