FITDFoot in the Door
FITDFinite Integral Time Domain
FITDFind-in-the-Dark (automated lighting)
FITDFondo Interbancario de Tutela Dei Depositi (Italian: Interbank Deposit Fund Protection)
FITDFORSCOM Intelligence Training Detachment
FITDForce Integration Training Division
FITDForget It, That'll Do (polite form)
FITDFar Infrared Target Detector
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Finite integration time domain (FITD) method is an efficient numerical method in analyzing electromagnetic (EM) problem [16].
A commercial software based on FITD is utilized to perform the electromagnetic simulation.
Thus, it seems that when people respond "no" to the initial question of a first request, the classic FITD effect occurs, while for the FW condition, an independent effect is added to the FITD.
The FITD did not say why it had rejected the offer, merely stating that it is not in a position to accept the offer.
In principle, FITD is very similar to the Finite-Different Time-Domain (FDTD) technique [22] except the fact that FITD works with the integral form of Maxwell's equations while FDTD employs their differential equivalent.
For this, the basic current and voltage relationship has been further discretized and incorporated into the FITD updating equations [23].
Earlier, the EU Commission had ordered Italy to recoup EUR300m of grants and guarantees that it claimed the government granted to the bank illegally using the FITD.
* le festival international du theatre pour le developpement (FITD) organise par l'Atelier Theatre burkinabe de Prosper Kompaore,
Italy's mandatory guarantee scheme, the Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi (FITD), offered EUR265m to cover Banca Tercas' losses and support its sale to Banca Popolare di Bari in October 2014.
Depuis cette periode heroique, le pays n'a cesse de mener de multiples combats pour la valorisation de la culture africaine ; parmi les evenements culturels qu'abrite le Burkina, l'on peut citer le Salon International de l'Artisanat de Ouagadougou (SIAO), la Semaine Nationale de la Culture (SNC), le Festival International du Theatre et des marionnettes (FITMO), le Festival International du Theatre de Developpement (FITD), les Nuits atypiques de Koudougou (NAK), et les nombreux festivals a caractere regional.