FITEFinancial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (microfinance platform)
FITEFear Is The Essential (gaming clan for Joint Operations)
FITEForward Interworking Telephone Event (ITU-T)
FITEFirst in the Enterprise (IBM)
FITEForce Interactive Tactical Evaluator
FITEFighter Inspired Training for Everybody (Ohio)
FITEFighting Injustice Together Everywhere (West Lafayette, IN student club)
FITEFighting for Independence Together by Empowering people with Disabilities (Aurora, IL; formerly FRVCIL)
FITEFuture Immersive Training Environment (Joint Forces Command Sponsored Joint Concept Technology Demonstration)
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FITE will give thousands of women entrepreneurs in the developing world a hand up instead of a hand out.
By pushing for bailouts of companies and countries, Fites was really claiming, in a circuitous way, that free trade doesn't work.
As if Fites hadn't enough on his plate, in June 1994, 11,000 UAW workers, mostly in Peoria and Decatur, walked off their jobs over job security and work-rule changes.