FITFFirst Inventor to File (USPTO)
FITFFédération Internationale des Trompes de France (French: French International Fallopian Federation)
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Of course, for applicants with a filing strategy based on a European model, the implementation of FITF will have little or no impact, but for the rest, significant adjustments to strategies may need to be implemented.
(170) The adoption of the FITF system will be officially
the effect the FITF system will have on small businesses, while the
the FITF system by amending the language to state "that a person
FITF system and the post-grant review process during debates about the
The film thickness, following the FITF process, is an important parameter that determines the following factors: the pattern change on the decorated film; the clearance between the punch and the die in the trimming; and the filling of resin into the mold during injection molding.
The grip cap, which is a part of the automobile door, was chosen for the quantitative analysis of the film thickness distribution and the pattern change following the FITF process.
The International Federation of Trompe of France (FITF) hosts a trompe symposium at the Sofitel Hotel in Miami FL on November 12-14, 2010 in conjunction with a week-long celebration of French Culture.
Also, the on first page of the article, the FITF website is (not
I guess I missed a real opportunity here because, as I mentioned in the bio I sent to you, I am currently responsible for the US region of the FITF (frankly, I'm not certain the AHHS even exists now--if they do they are hibernating).
They included Benoit Pipon from Paris, Antoine de la Rochefoucauld from Orleans (now the President of the FITF), and Christian Longuet from Saint Zacharie in Provence (in charge of development and communications for the FITF).
Step two: I joined the Federation Internationale des Trompes de France (FITF).