FITOFundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations (Metropolitan State University; Minnesota)
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As life toys with Sal, Sam and Fito throughout their senior year, they learn to lean on one another, pick up the pieces and face the world again--and that just might be enough for them to make it through and build a "normal" that's all their own.
Two studies assessed blood pressure (each systolic and diastolic) (Fito et al.
Rather, it creates a kind of intimacy with Fito, through narrative techniques such as free indirect discourse, and through presenting some of the factors that seem to have pushed him to his own frontiers, the very limits of himself as a person.
The Fito Doll will help promote Hispanic heritage and will help teach young children language and other skills.
Todas as variedades poliembrionicas das colecoes de germoplasma de mangueira da Universidade Estadual Paulista--UNESP de Jaboticabal e do Instituto Agronomico--IAC foram testadas para resistencia aos dois isolados de Ceratocystis (IAC FITO 334-1 e IAC FITO 4905), em casa de vegetacao, em solo infestado (RIBEIRO et al., 1995).
Fito found a discrepancy between a patient's [HbA.sub.1c] readings and the fingerstick readings.
Mediante la aplicacion de presion de vacio se supone un aumento de la superficie de contacto solido-liquido, contribuyendo al incremento de la perdida de agua y la ganancia de solutos externos (Fito y Chiralt, 1997; Chafer et al., 2003; Giraldo et al., 2003).