FITRFork in the Road
FITRFederal Income Tax Return
FITRFuel Injection Timing Retard (air pollution controls)
FITRFentanyl-Induced Thoracic Rigidity
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We've designed each Treasury FITR portfolio to match the performance, before fees and expenses, of a consistent-maturity Ryan Treasury Index which allows investors to stay at the same point on the yield curve without having to adjust their own portfolios.
FITR, FITRS and Ryan Index are service marks of Ryan Holdings LLC and have been licensed for use for certain purposes by ETF Advisors, LP.
Gastineau noted that unlike mutual funds, Treasury FITRS trade continuously throughout the day, allowing investors to buy and sell at any time.
Gastineau believes investors will use Treasury FITRS for several different applications.
Treasury FITRS may also be more cost effective for some investors.
Like most exchange-traded funds, FITRS shares are expected to trade at prices very close to their underlying value throughout the trading day thanks to a dual trading process.
FITRS are available for purchase and sale through any full-service, discount, or online brokerage account.
The indexes underlying Treasury FITRS were created by Ronald J.
An investment in Treasury FITRS may lose value and is not guaranteed or insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, another government agency or any bank.