FITREPFitness Report
FITREPFlotilla Inspection Training Readiness Exercise Program
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Your eval or FITREP has the power to make or break you, especially during a chief or officer selection board.
Scan all FITREPs together as one file beginning with oldest and ending in most recent as "LASTNAME FITREPS.
Transfer FITREPs may be excluded if they don't track closely with the rest of a Sailor's performance at that command.
In order to ensure the upcoming boards (FY12) have a complete record to review, Sailors with rejected Evals/ Fitreps due to improper PFA codes can submit the uncorrected fitness reports and evaluations as official correspondence directly to the selection board for consideration.
The classic examples of board correspondence are missing FITREPs or award citations.
I think it is time to state just how important it is to understand how evaluations and FITREPS are currently being used to decide Sailor's futures.
one's experience and applicable achievements should be adequately conveyed in FITREPs and awards, as these instruments provide the documentation that justifies the awarding of any joint credit.
They will need copies of your FITREPs in order to make the proper corrections to block 91 and can be reached via the e-mail or phone number provided in the question above.
If you believe you qualify for a subspecialty code, you can submit your command endorsed request with substantiating documentation (ie FITREPs, letters of designation etc.
The Assistant Supply Officer, LCDR Thomas Scott, and the departmental LCPO, CSCS Donna Hayden faced the challenge of FITREPs, evals, awards, orders and transfers on 190 personnel in a three month time period.