FITREPFitness Report
FITREPFlotilla Inspection Training Readiness Exercise Program
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More importantly, this language even can note the ratees' rankings among a subsection of their peer group or among the entire peer group (otherwise known as a hard or soft breakout in the Navy's FITREP).
The Navy Eval and Fitrep Writing Guide I held in my hand (at least insofar as I could conclude from the sketchy apparatus inside) was apparently revised from an earlier work, whose title is even more diverting than the current one (we follow Stein in noting this: found poetry and the sound of language were two of Stein's lifelong preoccupations), not to mention more iambic, Enlisted Eval and Officer Fitrep Writing Guide.
On the other hand, an eval or FITREP that reads something to the effect of, "The expansive potential of Petty Officer Joe knows no bounds," is like cotton candy - puffed up, tastes sweet, but quite transparent and not at all substantial.
Fitness reports (FITREPs) recognizing department head responsibilities confirm the scope of responsibility and leadership experiences that promotion and administrative selection boards want.
For example, based on the data analyzed, officers with an Air Gap FITREP or an individual trait mark of one or two had a near zero selection probability and oftentimes had other detracting elements in their record.
Transfer FITREPs may be excluded if they don't track closely with the rest of a Sailor's performance at that command.
This is not a secure form, so do not include any details beyond that which was included in your unclassified FITREP or award.
This allows the evaluation of performance in at least one Commander FITREP. All officers who have completed JPME I will be screened unless an officer submits a "don't pick me" letter.
We all have heard the term "deckplate" leader, it's in our evals or fitreps expounding on leadership prowess.
You still must have strong fitreps and evals to prove your merit.
It's just a decision made based on the jobs that you took, your grades and the writing in the FITREPS. Maybe there is no indication on how well you would perform on the more complex, demanding jobs that detailers have to fill with captains and commanders.