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FITTESTFast Information Technology & Telecommunications Emergency Support Team
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With all these personal advantages, it is a question, nevertheless, whether he was the fittest adviser whom Agnes could have chosen under the circumstances.
I had good reasons (founded, as I have already mentioned, on the important part played by this witness at the Trial) for believing that the fittest person to advise and assist me was--Miserrimus Dexter.
Which were the fittest eyes to inspect the papers of the deceased lady--the eyes of men and foreigners, or the eyes of her own countrywoman?
In this emergency it naturally occurred to my mind that a countryman of his own, on whom I could rely, might be the fittest person to help me.
And Davy Fitzgerald doing a lot of shouting." Ireland's Fittest Family is also getting another celebrity version later in 2019.
Mr Brookes said: "I'm not the fittest. Being a minister, I eat a lot of cake."
"We have to be fit because only the fittest team have the chance to win the Nations Cup.
The main event occurred just before sundown, when Ed Poczatek, 64, of Schaumburg, was crowned the Fittest Loser.
| Think your office is the fittest and fastest in the region's corporate world?
The World's Fittest Live Show combines the teachings of the World's Fittest Book with the learnings from 23 weeks at sea, including commentary and confessions from the Great British Swim.
Fittest of the Fit is a friendly competition involving four-person teams that compete in four indoor athletic activities for 30 minutes each.
"Froning: The Fittest Man in History" - Sometimes being fit isn't enough.