FITUFederation of Independent Trade Unions (Moldova)
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The delegation was welcomed by the President of FITU Fikret Alic and the Head of the FITU Expert Service Adis Keco.
The guests also visited the renovated premises of the Trade Union Hall, said the PR Service of FITU.
As far as anyone knew, all Fitu's abandon, indigenous life forms perished 65 million years ago along with The Keepers, followers of the ancient mystic, Dragon.
My FitU was born when Daniel realized that with technological advancements, he could work with each and every person interested in creating and achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Furthermore, the high prevalence of the number 'seven' (fitu) in Fataluku cultural schema, suggested possibilities of Papuan links in this regard but I found no strong evidence to support this idea.
Kui Gorbatsov koneleb tanapaeval Liidust, siis motleb ta selle all esmajoones niisugust fitu, mille loomiseni kunagi ei joutud, seda, mis heiastus talle tema kujutluses kui erinevate etnoste, kultuuride, tsivilisatsioonide ja religioonide kooselu ideaalne vorm, mille samast polnud veel nahtud, kui "toeline liit", "kus meie teiega pole veel elanud".
"Expert fitters and comfortable fitting rooms available," they said, as they urged potential customers to "Take a firm line with a light touch - corsets and brassieres by Fitu."
The ones who aren't seniors are left guard Fitu Tu'ua, a junior who goes 6-6, 325, and left tackle Logan Mankins, a 305-pound sophomore who has started every game of his college career and was a freshman all-American in 2001, when he allowed only two sacks in 14 games despite usually going up against an opponent's best pass rusher.
Alofa's experiences with sexuality are conveyed in the innuendos of songs, such as "Tatou te olioli / e fitu fua o Lealofi / ao si teine o Alofa / ua tu ma lomilomi" (Let us rejoice / there are seven eggs of Lealori / but poor girl Alofa / she's just standing and squeezing).