FITUPFBI Information Technology Upgrade Project
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I was working with a tenant on a space in a high-rise building, and the landlord offered an allowance for fitup that was far less than the overall cost for this tenant's needs.
Fitup. In steel, the power density to initiate keyhole welding is about 106 W/cm[sup.
One solution is to integrate the needs of the robot welder back through the entire fabrication process-i.e., tighten up all specifications from drawings to component production to assure near-perfect fitup.
Even slight variations in part tolerance can create fitup inaccuracies that require the torch and process to adapt.
In fusion welding, for example, differences in joint gap or fitup caused by manufacturing variations are a major problem for robot welders.
God Bless the Greeks, features Tomas Mac anna's early days in Dundalk including visits to the "fitups" of Louis D'alton, Carl Clopet and anew McMaster, his joining the abbey, his meeting his future wife in the GPO, his Tony award in 1970 with The Borstal Boy and many other events throughout his life.
The buildings are also versatile in terms of executive fitups. For example, Sandvik Process Systems enlarged its headquarters for the second time since it first moved to 29 Commerce Way in 1990.
The plasma kerf width has not changed, and the slightly angled cut edge may need secondary finishing for critical fitups. In contrast, the laser cut is more nearly perpendicular and cleaner, more accurate, and, again, sexier.