FIWGFinancial Internet Working Group (est. 2000)
FIWGFiets Is Weer Gestolen (Dutch: Bike is Stolen Again)
FIWGFunctional Integration Working Group
FIWGFUDS (Formerly Used Defense Sites) Improvement Working Group (US DoD)
FIWGFactory Integration Working Group
FIWGForecast International Weapons Group (Newtown, CT)
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As soon as it began, the 8AG35FI-led FIWG offered solutions for the initial concerns identified by the 2nd Infantry Division and identified other shortfalls.
The first FIWG meeting included all 8th Army mission-supported units on the Korean Peninsula.
Several key initial FIWG outputs followed the first meeting.
The 8AG35FI-led FIWG meetings resulted in a series of follow-on outputs.The group produced a revised NMIB and created a comprehensive materiel fielding execution checklist.
The 8AG35FI used the FIWG to produce an 8th Army fielding point paper and pamphlet.
Future FIWG discussions will focus on the 24-month fielding timeline in order to lock in the modified tables of organization and equipment for the 2nd Infantry Division and create a "system of systems integrator."