FJFForce Jeune France (French: Young France Force)
FJFFondation Jeunesse et Familles (French: Foundation for Youth and Families; Switzerland)
FJFFix Jam Factory (gaming clan)
FJFFavre Juridique et Fiscal (Swiss wealth management firm)
FJFFarmworker Justice Fund (Washington, DC)
FJFFiscale Jurisprudentie (Belgian case law journal)
FJFFlint Jewish Federation (Flint, MI)
FJFFinnish Jazz Federation (Helsinki, Finland)
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The study was funded by the National Science Foundation (Bio-OCE #06-23678), the California Department of Boating and Waterways Agreement (03-106-104), California Sea Grant Rapid-Response Funds (R/F-117PD) and a UCMEXUS Fellowship to FJF.
National FFA and the FJF announce they will unite the efforts of FFA's "Feeding the World-Starting at Home" program with FJF's initiative in a widespread, localized grassroots campaign across America to fight world hunger.
The 25-year-old from Morpeth struggled to find work after finishing a classroom assistant's course at college, and was referred to the FJF initiative after almost six months on benefits.
The FJF scheme at KAL has been both challenging and rewarding, but has been a great success.
Labour promise to invest pounds 40million to revive the FJF and create 10,000 jobs or training places if they win May's Holyrood election.
love for art and culture aside from our desire to do something unique for Jordan to become a destination for those who search for world class acts,Ao Ms Suha Bawab, FJF executive director told The Star.
Michael added: "I love working with the many different people at the charity and I would recommend FJF to people like myself who have been out of work for a while, you'll be surprised at what you can do.
Quintal FJF, Velasquez MPA (1993) Consideraciones para el numero de corderos vivos hasta el destete.
Reise um die Erde, in der Jahren 1830, 1831 und 1832, ausgefurht von FJF Meyen.