FJJFondation Jean-Jaurès (French: Jean Jaures Foundation; Paris, France)
FJJFamous Jett Jackson (TV show)
FJJFédération des Jeunes Journalistes (French: Federation of Young Journalists)
FJJFixed Justification Jitter
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Field methods were approved by the University of Minnesota Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (most recent approval 008A59761 to FJJ in 2001) and conform with the American Society of Mammalogists guidelines for use of mammals in research (Sikes et al., 2011).
We selected sites based on (1) our field experience with rock voles in Minnesota and New York (FJJ); (2) the report of rock voles on clearcuts by Kirkland (1977); and (3) our suspicion that eskers are appropriate rock vole habitat.