FJOFoyer des Jeunes Ouvriers (French: Home Young Workers)
FJOFribourg Jazz Orchestra (Fribourg, Switzerland)
FJOFunctional Jaw Orthopedics
FJOFloreffe Jazz Orchestra (Belgian jazz orchestra)
FJOFestival de la Jeunesse Orthodoxe (French: Festival of Orthodox Youth)
FJOFonds pour la Jeunesse Orléannaise (French: Fund for Youth Orleans; Orleans, France)
FJOFeeling Jazz Orchestra (Japan)
FJOFollowers of the Jedi Order (Star Wars gaming clan)
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FJO coffees are offered as FJO Reserva Presidente and FJO Sarchi.
In fact it's clear in hindsight that, left to ordinary mechanisms to deliver them, they'd have proved the wisdom of Ebenezer Howard's immortal aphorism to FJO, in 1919: 'My dear boy, if you wait for the Government to do it you will be as old as Methuselah before you start.
When FJO edited a reprint of Garden Cities of To-morrow for Faber in 1946 he took care to space to the opposition, such as the book reviewer who covered To-morrow for Fabian News in December 1898: 'The author has read many learned and interesting writers, and the extracts he makes from their books are like plums in the unpalatable dough of his Utopian scheming.