FJRFriends of the Jock River (Canada)
FJRFoundation for Jacobson Resonance (magnetic resonance therapy)
FJRFrancis Joseph Reitz (High School, Evansville, Indiana)
FJRFederal Judicial Resource
FJRFlashing Jelly Ring
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If you've long retired the knee sliders, the latest FJR 1300A could be the sort of bike that gets you excited about riding again.
And the paratroopers of FJR 6 were not just fierce fighters but honorable men as well.
I wanted to get the word out about this," said Peloquin, right after pulling his Yamaha FJR 1300 motorcycle - the one plastered with Dutch Bros.
West Midlands Fire Service has taken delivery of its new Firebike - a Yamaha FJR 1300 - which has been loaned to them for two years.
94 "Powers granted by corporations abroad to be effective in Mexico when they are governed by Article I of the Protocol on Legal Uniformity of Powers of Attorney, they need not comply with the formal requirements provided for in other Mexican laws regarding powers granted in national territory" (Poderes Otorgados por sociedades en el extranjero para surtir efectos en Mexico cuando se rigen por el Articulo I del Protocolo Sobre Uniformidad del Regimen Legal de los Poderes, no deben observar los requisitos de forma previstos en otras leyes mexicanes para los poderes que se otorguen en territorio national) FJR, Eighth Epoch, No.
Aspiazu GM, Cruz JA, Villagrasa FJR, Abanades HJC, Garcma MN, Valero FA.
The pounds 7,000 Yamaha FJR joins the force's eight-strong fleet of motorcycles, aimed at pursuing the three Es - Education, Engagement and Enforcement.
Fensome RA, Taylor FJR, Norris G, Sarjeant WAS, Wharton DI, Williams GL.
Within 10 days of my crash, I had a new 2007 Yamaha FJR 1300, helmet and jacket.