FJTFlorida Junior Tour (Florida Golf Association; est. 2004)
FJTFoyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs (French: Home for Young Workers)
FJTFree Jejunal Transfer (surgery)
FJTForeign Jobs Time (India)
FJTFlight Justification Test
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Both of these two schemes can achieve higher than 80 Mbps average date rate per TP; however, data rate per TP goes lower than 60 Mbps in the proposed DCS and further decreases to 50 Mbps or lower in FJT, respectively.
In the present study, the learners demonstrated their metapragmatic judgment by indicating relative levels of formality or politeness of target formulas through FJTs.
17 Wilson NHF, Christensen GJ, Cheung SW, Burke FJT, Brunton PA.
The mission asked the prime contractor will focus on the rehabilitation of buildings of the former hospital in order to implement a social FJT residence.
The objective of the expected benefit is twofold: - To better qualify the support offered within FJT; - Understand the appropriateness of this support needs of young people housed in the FJT.
Restricted competition of project management for the construction of a social FJT residence about 70 units / rooms and 24 studios, a collective building of social housing about 76 Studios T1 and T1bis, a home d emergency 220 to 300 square meters gross and delivered a parking lot from 43 to 54 places, located at 131-133 avenue de Verdun in Issy-les-Moulineaux.
14 Gordon BL Burke FJT Bagg J Marlborough HS McHugh ES.