FJTFlorida Junior Tour (Florida Golf Association; est. 2004)
FJTFoyer pour Jeunes Travailleurs (French: Home for Young Workers)
FJTForeign Jobs Time (India)
FJTFree Jejunal Transfer (surgery)
FJTFlight Justification Test
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In FJT scheme, all the TPs in UEs' CoMP set must transmit data signals simultaneously.
Formality judgment tasks (FJTs), assessing the learners' understanding of the level of formality or politeness represented visually on the formality scale;
"The current practice of seemingly endless campaigns and unprecedented spending on elections has brought the national economy to a standstill and has created a sense of uncertainty that affects the country's entire production system," said the FJT. "The increasing cost of election campaigns has been a major setback for democracy, generating various forms of clientelist practices that include exchanging food for votes as well as the odious practice of buying ID cards belonging to voters who registered to take part in previous elections."
Donde las variables dependientes, denominadas variables basicas, son: el grado de sincronizacion, pjt, entre el ciclo del producto agropecuario del Peru y el respectivo del producto del pais 'j' en el periodo t (6); la intensidad o grado de integracion comercial de bienes, Tjt, entre el Peru y el pais 'j' en el periodo t; la intensidad o grado de integracion financiera, Fjt, entre el Peru y el pais j en el periodo t; y el grado de especializacion o de similitud sectorial, Sjt, entre el Peru y su socio comercial, pais 'j' en el ano t.
(52.) Ruth Banda, "Christians' Indecency Worries FJT," The Post of Zambia, 6 October 1997.
In Frederick Jackson Turner (1973), his biographer Ray Allen Billington more accurately notes in an index entrythat Indians were "seen by FJT as boy, 16." And even that "seen" has to be understood figuratively.
Contract notice: scheduling, steering and coordination missions for the creation of a cultural and educational center in the former fjt monplaisir
Contract award notice: Work for the construction of a fjt of 110 collective dwellings - zac ode acte 2 - lot fe-2.1 - re (france-montpellier: Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses)
17 Wilson NHF, Christensen GJ, Cheung SW, Burke FJT, Brunton PA.
Contract notice: project management mission concerning the heavy restructuring in the occupied site of the fjt daniel fry, made up of 116 housing units in argenteuil (95)
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(10.) Moris AJ, Burke FJT. Primary and secondary dental care: how ideal is the interface?