FJVFidelity Japanese Values (investment company)
FJVForca Jovem Vasco (Portuguese; Brazilian booster club)
FJVForum Justice et Vérité (French: Truth and Justice Forum; Morocco)
FJVFruit, Juice and Vegetables (nutrition)
FJVFormer Jesuit Volunteer
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Five studies in the US also had different target groups: food and nutrition promotion among female homemakers (Trent, et al., 1979); STD's and HIV/AIDS prevention among adolescents (Gillmore, et al., 1997); FJV consumption among African American boys (Baronowski, et., al., 2002); smoking prevention among adolescents (Bush, et al., 2005); and pesticide safety among immigrant farm workers (Leibman, et al., 2007).
Baranowski, T., A small, but significant difference for Baranowski, J., FJV consumption for children receiving Cullen, DeMoor, the intervention, compared to those Rittenberry, who did not.
Beyond forming an exciting visual focal point for environments such as FJVs North Dearborn marketing office, switchable glass technology provides instant privacy where traditional window treatments are less appealing Varilite Vision Panels by Taliq Corp.