FKDFresenius Kabi Deutschland (German technology manufacturer)
FKDFord Klub Danmark (Danish: Ford Club Denmark)
FKDFavorite Kind of Day
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All participants are invited to learn more about the FKD's rescue work and adoption process.
rAd-IFN/Syn3 is currently undergoing Phase 3 development in the US under the sponsorship of Finnish gene therapy specialists FKD. The ongoing Phase 3 study is designed to establish the efficacy and safety of the product.
To compare the kneading process by FKD and BMS, tracer particle analysis was performed during a single rotation of the screw.
Because of high import duties imposed on new trucks, many are imported second hand in FKD (fully knocked down) form to be reassembled locally.
The offering includes washing and hire of work clothes for the staff at care centers, frederiksberg municipality~s 24-hour rehabilitation (fkd) and the ambulatory rehabilitation in frederiksberg municipality.
Selon Hammami, son departement veille aussi a construire 19 services d'urgence a travers les regions, dans le cadre d'un programme de cooperation avec le Fonds Koweitien pour le Developpement Economique (FKD).
Sponsors: LRG, eS, Santa Cruz, Thunder, Reign, Ricta, Mob, FKD, Electric
Tenders are invited for Makka 18-19 handling and transport work at satanpur navin mandi 2nd dis fkd
La delegation d'hommes d'affaires Koweitiens a mis l'accent sur l'importance de tirer profit des opportunites de cooperation offertes par le Fonds Koweitien pour le Developpement Economique (FKD) ainsi que sur la necessite d'ameliorer le climat des affaires en Tunisie et d'axer sur la promotion des opportunites et des projets d'investissement qu'offre le pays.
Sponsors: Almost, Red Dragon apparel, Mountain Dew, Globe, Grizzly, Nixon, Silver trucks, FKD bearings, Bones, Diamond, Marisa, Active and Switch Made
Le Fonds Koweitien pour le Developpement Economique (FKD) accordera un montant de 45 millions de dinars pour financer le projet de l'hopital regional de Ghardimaou-Oued Mliz (gouvernorat de Jendouba), a annonce, jeudi, l'ambassadeur du Koweit en Tunisie Ahmed Al-Dhafiri.
Sponsors: Nike, Skate Mental, Fourstar, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, FKD, Diamond, Monster Energy Drink