FKEForschungsinstitut für Kinderernährung (German: Research Institute of Child Nutrition)
FKEFederation of Kenya Employers (est. 1956)
FKEFox Kids Europe (entertainment company)
FKEFranz-Keldysh Effect (semiconductors)
FKEFull Knee Extension
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[22.] Amponsah SKK, Ofori-Danson PK, Nunoo FKE, Ameyaw GA (2016) Aspects of population dynamics of Red Pandora, Pagellus bellottii (Steindachner, 1882) from the coastal waters of Ghana.
It is within the FKE Vision to produce electrical engineers who are competitive, global and ethical.
[5.] Zumpt FKE. The problem of intestinal myiasis in humans.
Freed from FKE constraints, users will be able to exchange data, voice and video -- privately and anonymously -- without using phone numbers, email address or social network enrollment.
KATRIN MULLER, MSc, LARS LIBUDA, PhD, ANNA MARIA TERSCHLUSEN, Dipl-Oecotroph, MATHILDE KERSTING, PhD, Research Institute of Child Nutrition (FKE), Dortmund, Germany
Adivision of food items into "recommend foods" and "non-recommended foods" according to the recommendations of the Research Institute of Child Nutrition (FKE) Dortmund [56, 57] shows that the intake of several nonrecommended foods and beverages was significantly reduced from baseline to 3-year and 5-year follow-up (Table 5).
These ILO projects involved a number of government institutions and private institutions such as the Federation of Kenyan Enterprises (FKE).
The men drove off in the man's white Astra van, which has a distinctive "Litter Boss" logo on the side and the registration VN07 FKE.
A squadron leader in a Spitfire got so close to his target that when he opened fke he was momentarily blinoed by the effect of his bullets Hitting the enemy aircraft.
All fired workers will now have to be reinstated unconditionally, a consultative meeting held yesterday between officials of the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), KTDA and the workers' umbrella union resolved.