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The mutated proteins, FOXL2-MT, replaced 16 amino acids (38th to 53th Aa) with RRTR, retaining functional FKH domain and polyalanine tract [Figure 2]a and [Figure 2]b.
To eliminate false-positive proteins, the domains of the candidate sequences were predicted using the Pfam online server ( to check whether they harbor a FKH domain.
Finally, the secondary structures of the FKH domain were predicted with SWISS-MODEL (https://www.swissmodel.
Multiple sequence alignment was performed with the FKH domains to assess the sequence conservation of AcFoxs, (Figure S3).
All the AcFox proteins contained only one FKH domain, except for the AcFoxA, AcFoxK, and AcFoxP proteins, which contained an extra N-terminal FKH region, FHA domain, and FOXP coiled-coil domain, respectively (Figure 3).
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New Delhi [India], March 14 ( ANI ): The Future Kabaddi Heroes (FKH) programme, an initiative to foster Kabaddi at the grassroots level and unearth local talent in India, received a great response with 415 aspirants participating at the three-day trials here.
The FKH programme is a comprehensive three-stage talent scouting and development initiative.
Commenting on the talent witnessed on the ground, Jaivir said, "At the FKH in Delhi we witnessed some exceptionally talented Kabaddi players.