FKNFranklin, Virginia (airport code)
FKNFraunhofer Knowledge Network (Germany)
FKNFox Kids Network (children's programming; 1990-1998)
FKNFunk-Kombi-Nord (German: Combined Radio North)
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Briefly, the expression of FKN was analyzed by incubating sections of the CSF-contacting nucleus (40 [micro]m) with goat anti-CB (1:400; Sigma, USA) and rabbit anti-CX3CL1 (1:500; Abcam, UK).
Real-time PCR was conducted using the following primers specific for rat FKN and GAPDH: FKN, forward: 5-GCCACAAGATGAC CTCGCCAAT-3, reverse: 5-TGCTGTCTCGTCTCCAGG ATGA-3; GAPDH, forward: 5-GGCCTTCCGTGTTCCT ACC-3, reverse: 5-CGCCTGCTTCACCACCTTC-3.
The mechanisms by which signaling pathways regulate the FKN expression to participate in the process of experimental ARDS remain unknown.
The culture supernatant was harvested 24 h after LPS stimulation for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) measurement of FKN.
FKN is expressed during an inflammatory process and therefore takes place in the pathogenesis of numerous inflammatory conditions including cardiovascular, renal, rheumatologic and allergic diseases [3,5-7].
CX3CR1 is the specific receptor of FKN. CX3CR1 is expressed on the surface of [CD4.sup.+] and [CD8.sup.+] T cells, [CD14.sup.+] monocytes and macrophages, and [CD16.sup.+] NK cells [4,10].
Folliculitis keloidalis nuchae (FKN), also incorrectly called acne keloidalis, is shaving-bump-like keloids on the back of the head (Fig.
Our aim was to compare the prevalences of haircut-associated bleeding and FKN with existing Langa population data.
Cronin singled out the race-car-themed "NASCAR Super chargers," the robot buddy skein "Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot" and the latest "Power Rangers" incarnation, "Lost Galaxy," as the most powerful weapons in FKN's arsenal of seven new series.
Furthermore, the associations between GZB with markers of inflammation and plaque destabilization (hsCRP, IL-18, and FKN) as well as other metabolic, anthropometric, and risk factors are being evaluated.