FKRFour-Knob Rat (distortion pedal)
FKRFritz Klimowitz Racing (Guatemala)
FKRFung Keong Rubber (Malaysia)
FKRFederation-Klingon-Romulan (Star Trek)
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Data on characteristics: Fruit Length, (FL), Fruit Width (FW) Fruit Height (FH) Fruit Weight (FWe) Shell Thickness (ST), Kernel Weight (KW), Kernel Ratio (KR) and Filled-firm Kernel Raito (FKR), were collected from 365 Ankara walnut samples.
Similarly, factor 3 showed highest correlation with only FKR.
FL, FW, FH and FWe possessed the highest loads in Factor 1, KR and ST in Factor 2, while FKR in Factor 3.
Para el bambu se empleo adicionalmente otra solucion preservante conteniendo Oxima de cobre y clorpirifos, en una formulacion preparada conjuntamente con FKR de Espana, el producto FKR 16.
La absorcion de la sal FKR 16 estuvo alrededor de 100 L/[m.sup.3], suficiente para garantizar la proteccion del bambu contra la mancha azul y los insectos.
| FKR Properties Ltd, three houses with associated parking and demolition of existing house, Headlands, 42 Hopton Lane, Lower Hopton.
Contract award: transportation services staff for the department of pfsa long distance fkr in opole
Estimated Estimated number of kilometers and hours of service, the provision of transport services employees PFSA - DIB of the Department in Opole FKR long distance to be traveled by the Contractor from the date of signing the contract for a period of 12 months is 27 592 km and 672 hours to stop or achievements prior to this period maximum gross salary.
This FKR cast iron-style radiator, below right, comes in a primer finish so that you can paint it to match your decor.
Contract award: Transportation Services staff for the Department of PFSA FKR long distance in Krakow - supplementary contract
First Object of the contract relates to the provision of transport services for workers PFSA - DIB from the Department of FKR long distance in Krakow.