FKSFriedrich Karl Schroeder (German computer company)
FKSFind and Kill String
FKSFrequency Key Shifting
FKSFormula Kart Stars (UK)
FKSFontenay Karaté Shotokan (French martial arts school)
FKSFeuerwehr Koordination Schweiz (German: Fire Coordination Switzerland; Bern, Switzerland)
FKSFréjus Kite Surf (French kitesurfing association)
FKSFraksi Keadilan Sejahtera (Indonesian: Keadilan Sejahtera Party)
FKSFormalin-Killed Spherules
FKSFudbalski Klub Sarajevo (Football Club Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
FKSFoster Kennedy Syndrome
FKSFreed Kamaiya Society (est. 2002; Nepal)
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On the other hand, it bolsters that Southern, beat-driven, melodic anthem (Give No Fks), that will have clubs, shindigs, cookouts everywhere "lit." "Give No Fks" has a clean version which will make it more fun and interactive for the the younger generation to dance to it.
The focus of the current study was to identify the FKs that appear around entities to define or otherwise support the relationships between entities.
The FKS scenario assumes that during the normalization period, the Fed pays interest on reserves and stops reinvesting in bonds when they mature.
glabrata de tipo silvestre y, adicionalmente, un especimen de referencia, sensible a caspofungina, y dos especimenes resistentes a equinocandinas con mutaciones conocidas en el FKS. Los especimenes resistentes a equinocandinas fueron altamente virulentos y ninguna dosis fue efectiva en los ratones infectados con los especimenes resistentes.
Using a preestablished cut-off value, based on their Fatigue index Kliniken Schmieder (FKS) derived from gait kinematics, these authors reported that just over 70% of their participants exhibited motor fatigue over an exercise task which involved walking until a RPE of 17 ('very hard') was achieved or until 60 minutes had elapsed.
Would you recommend the site Y / N Readability: FRE: -- FKS grade level: -- TABLE 2: Search results with website URLs.
Echinocandins' resistance appears to be associated with prior exposure to these drugs as well as the presence of FKS mutations [15, 16], while azole's resistance can be the result of an alteration of the lanosterol 14a-demethylase target enzyme by either overexpression or mutations in its encoding gene ERG11 [39], or overexpression of efflux pumps mediated by the activation of expression of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) or major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transporters [40-42].
Nine treatments were examined as: control, recommended rate of zinc (RRZn) to soil @ 15 kg Zn2SO4 ha-1, foliar zinc spray (FZS) @ 0.1%, recommended rate of potassium to soil (RRK) @ 75 kg K2O ha-1, RRK + RRZn, RRK+ FZS, foliar potassium spray (FKS) at 1% concentration, FKS + RRZn, FKS + FZS.
Nous allons tenter de suivre a la lettre ce qui a ete planifie pour la reussite de notre preparation [beaucoup plus grand que], a explique Menad dont l'equipe disputera un troisieme match demain face au club de Division III, le FKS Stal Mielec.
However, there is evidence that caspofungin MIC interlaboratory variability may lead to incorrect categorization of susceptibility results (36), and micafungin and anidulafungin MICs correlate better with the presence of FKS mutations and clinical outcomes (37).