FL2Facelift Two
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Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) recently issued Rating Agency Confirmation (RAC) on August 14, 2019, following a request from the collateral manager, Annaly Credit Opportunities Management LLC (Annaly), related to the NLY 2019- FL2 acquisition of the Lincoln Green whole loan reinvestment mortgage asset ($36.2 million, 4.2% of the current loan pool).
The fluorescence signals were detected in filter channel1 (FL1) and filter channel 2 (FL2), respectively (26,27,28).
Cell samples were analyzed on BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer with doublet discrimination module (DDM) on measuring pulse width versus pulse area of FL2 in linear mode.
Dot plot of forward scatter (FSC) versus side scatter (SSC), FL1 versus FL2, and FL2 versus FL3 were drawn for each sample.
At the end of the appropriate incubation, cells were rinsed with ARS, resuspended in 50 [micro]l of the same solution, incubated with JC-1 at a concentration of 2.5 [micro]g/ml for 20 min in the dark, and analyzed on a Navios flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter) at FL1 (525 [+ or -] 40 nm) and FL2 (575 [+ or -] 30 nm), with [[lambda].sub.ex] = 488 nm.
With the gate set around the lymphocytes, crossovers of fluorescent label 1 (FL1), FL2, and FL3 signals were adjusted by compensation using FITC-, PE-, or PerCP-conjugated antibodies.
The cells were then again washed with PBS buffer and observed by fluorescent microscope (Biorevo, BZ-9000, Keyence) (excitation: 540 [+ or -] 25 nm; emission: 605 [+ or -] 55 nm; TRICT filter) or analyzed by flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer, detector: FL2, excitation: 488 nm, emission: 575 [+ or -] 20 nm).
For flow cytometry, cells were analyzed on a LSRII flow cytometer (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA), with an excitation wavelength of 488 nm, and fluorescence emission was measured at 530 [+ or -] 15 and a 575 [+ or -] 13 nm corresponding to Nile red green-yellow (FL1) and yellow-gold fluorescence (FL2) arising from MLs, respectively.
The length-weight relationships were estimated to be WT= 0.0269 FL2.720 (R2=0.981) for females and WT= 0.0251 FL2.7535(R2=0.983) for males.
FL2 = FL1 + days * exp ([[beta].sub.1] * FL1 + [[beta].sub.2] * days + [[beta].sub.3] * sex + [[beta].sub.4] * depth1 + [[beta].sub.5] * depth2 + [[beta].sub.6] * gear), (3)
PI fluorescence was detected in both orange (FL2 channel, 585 [+ or -] 21 nm bandpass filter) and red (FL3 channel, >670 nm longpass filter) ranges of the spectrum.