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FLACCFull Level Algol Checkout Compiler
FLACCFaces, Legs, Activity, Cry Consolability (pain assessment tool)
FLACCForest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce (Minnesota)
FLACCForeign Language Association of Central California
FLACCFindley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce (New York)
FLACCFree-Living Amoebae Culture Collection
FLACCFamilies Linked Against Chemical Contamination
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(2008) performed another study that also confirmed concurrent and construct validity of the FLACC pain assessment tool, not only in the post-operative setting, but also during the procedural setting.
* Each newborn to be circumcised was assessed for pain using the FLACC pain scale before, during, and after the procedure.
The FLACC scale was developed to reduce these potential barriers by providing a simple framework for assessment, while facilitating a reliable and objective means of quantifying pain behaviors in children.
to test the validity of the FLACC tool by measuring changes in FLACC scores in response to administration of analgesics, and to compare the FLACC to other pain assessment tools.
The sample size was estimated as a minimum of 19 subjects for each study group to find a 30% difference in FLACC scores between the groups based on a previous study (9), at a significance level of 5% and a power of 95%.
For all participants, pain levels were assessed using both a behavioral scale (FLACC scale) and a self-report scale (NRS).
Patient's postoperative FLACC pain scores at 1, 6, 12, and 24 h; postoperative analgesic doses; and complications such as nausea, vomiting, hypotension, infection at the site of the block, and hematoma were evaluated from patients' records.
The variation of heart rate and skin conductivity between the moments prior to and during anesthesia was measured, which also evaluated patient behavior and the degree of pain experienced at the point of administering anesthesia using the FLACC conformity or pain scale.
Tait, "The revised FLACC observational pain tool: improved reliability and validity for pain assessment in children with cognitive impairment," Paediatric Anaesthesia, vol.
By the end of the operation, FLACC (Face, Leg, Activity, Cry, Consolability) pain score was assessed as the primary outcome of the study.