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FLACSFlame Acceleration Simulator
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Speakers mentioned that FLACS was now being done successfully in Pakistan with much better results and that there was an urgent need to create awareness among eye specialists about this surgery so they may select deserving patient and counsel them properly.
He informed that there is one percent blindness in general population of our country, 60 percent of them are cataract patients and 20 percent of it requires FLACS. Such blindness is treatable which can cause loss of vision if not treated.
Preoperative mydriasis was performed using topical 1.0% tropicamide (Alcon Inc., Lake Forest, IL, USA) eye drops and 2.5% phenylephrine (Paragon BioTeck Inc., Portland, OR, USA) eye drops, instilled three times (every 10 minutes) within 1 hour prior to FLACS (the last application of topical mydriatics was instilled 15 minutes prior to surgery).
Previous studies have shown that FLACS pretreatment results in significant pupillary miosis [4-6].
Furthermore, a 3-day pretreatment with topical ketorolac prior to FLACS seems to significantly inhibit FLACS-induced PGE2 release in the AC when compared with patients who did not receive a NSAID pretreatment.
Studies meeting the following criteria were included in the meta-analysis: (1) studies designed as prospective studies; (2) cataract patients were divided into FLACS and CPCS groups; (3) at least one of the following outcomes was reported: corneal endothelial cell counts, central corneal thickness, uncorrected distance visual acuity, corrected distance visual acuity, and refractive outcomes.
The outcomes and complications of FLACS versus CPCS were performed using RevMan 5.2.
Corneal endothelial cell counts after CPCS was significantly less than FLACS (MD= 190.58, 95% CI: -1.70-342.86, P = 0.05).
Backward movements such as the walkover and flic flac are difficult to learn.
All gymnastic aim to do a flic flac, but is an advanced move and there are many preparatory skills to learn first.
At first, you will be taught to flic flac from a standing position to finish standing on two feet.