FLAEFriends of Los Alamitos Elementary (Los Alamitos, CA)
FLAEForeign Language Acquisition and Education (Belgium)
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During the [alpha]-amylase inhibitory assay, FLAE exhibited an increased inhibition on the enzyme activity with the increasing concentrations upon the introduction to the starchenzyme mixture as shown in Figure 1.
The fluorescent intensity increased considerably throughout the period, and the introduction of FLAE (15.6-250 [micro]g/mL) to the reaction mixtures demonstrated a drastic reduction in the fluorescent intensity of the mixtures (Figure 2(a)).
In vitro antioxidant activity of FLAE was obtained using DPPH radical scavenging assay.
FLAE unveiled a total phenolic content of 198 [+ or -] 7.2 mg GAE/g toward the Folin-Ciocaltue assay and a total flavonoid content of 81.2 [+ or -] 1 mg QE/g for aluminium chloride assay.
According to the results obtained, FLAE exhibited high TPC and TFC values.
The present study scientifically validates the use of FLAE (which was prepared according to the method of preparation of "kasaya" in traditional medicine) as a remedy for diabetes.
Caption: Figure 1: Overlay of the dose-response curves for percentage inhibition of [alpha]-amylase activity of FLAE in comparison with the positive control acarbose.
Compared with our recent fast algorithm FLAE, the FAMC advances the computation time for over 25%.
Algorithm Roll Pitch FLAE 2.322636301722257" 2.873468274936176" FQA 2.322636301722158" 2.873468274936186" Markley 2.322636301722258" 2.873468274936183" AQUA 2.322636301722257" 2.873468274936184" Proposed FAMC 2.322636301722256" 2.873468274936183" Algorithm Yaw FLAE 8.301612945914364" FQA 8.301612945914171" Markley 8.301612945914380" AQUA 8.301612945914380" Proposed FAMC 8.301612945914371" Table 2: Standard deviation of computation time.