FLAFFamilienlastenausgleichsfonds (German: Family Compensation Fund; Austria)
FLAFFriends of the Lebanese Armed Forces
FLAFFading Like A Flower (song)
FLAFFarm Lands of Africa, Inc.
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Speaking of the extremists, FLAF added: "As well as mobilising against their marches, we need to counter them at our own clubs, by whatever means is necessary, from leaflet and sticker campaigns to gentle persuasion."
About 8500 fans from league and non-league clubs in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland have joined FLAF.
Tens of thousands of FLAF stickers have been produced and fans are using them to cover FLA stickers.
* To contain social spending the earmarking of revenues for the Family Burden Equalisation Fund (FLAF) should be abolished, with family benefits managed fully by the federal government and subject to standard budgetary control and review procedures--as argued in the previous OECD Economic Survey.
* Earmarking of revenues for the Family Burden Equalization Fund (FLAF) should be abolished.
The Family Burden-Equalisation Fund (Familienlastenausgleichsfonds, FLAF) is earmarked to the financing of family related benefits, and accounts for the bulk of transfers in this area.
Following the establishment of the FLAF in the early 1970s solid economic growth boosted its revenues, leading to a tendency to produce surpluses.
--The tax credit for employees, the traffic tax credit and preferential taxation of Christmas and leave bonuses discriminate between regular employees and the self-employed or workers with atypical work contracts; contributions to the FLAF are levied on wages only while benefits are now available also to families of non-dependent workers; the pension contributions for farmers and self-employed paid by the government provide support for self-employed and farmers.
The Family Burden Equalisation Fund (Familienlastenausgleichsfonds, FLAF) stands as a major example of revenue earmarking contributing to incentives to expand spending.
In response to a ruling of the Constitutional Court, which found the existing system of family taxation unconstitutional, child benefits were increased in terms of both extended tax credits and cash benefits paid from the Family Burden Equalisation Fund (Familienlastenausgleivhsfonds, FLAF).