FLAGEFlexible Lightweight Agile-Guided Experiment
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Flage, "Berkeley's Archetypes," Hermathena 171 (2001): 7-31.
Esto lo considero un gran acierto, pues con ello Flage contribuye a mostrar como el filosofo irlandes es un pensador mucho mas complejo y completo de lo que algunos creen, incluso de lo que se ensena en muchas universidades del mundo Iberoamericano, tanto de la peninsula iberica como de America Latina.
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The latter are derived from technology demonstrated by LTV in the highly successful FLAGE experiment of 1987, when a hyper-velocity missile manoeuvred to intercept an incoming Lance tactical ballistic missile at (3 700 metres) altitude.
It is our opinion that the optimal quality assurance system for this area will involve the use of stabilized control materials; limited comparison analysis of patient samples using extended (400-cell) manual differentials coupled with clinical criteria to eliminate unnecessary manual differentials; and laboratory criteria, including instrument flage, review of histograms, and action limits to determine which patient specimen requires careful morphologic review of the blood smear.
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Dean Bonner used an egg fly to hook 14 trout; Paul Bickell caught his 13 on a nymph while buzzers were responsible for the 10 caught and returned by Jacob Flage, Elliott Dennison and Luke Brown.
Farzana Nazir, while a large number of party workers carrying banners, placards of different slogans and the party flage participated in the rally.
The special cake features 'Angel playing a Flage a olet', a classic Burne-Jones work from National Museums Liverpool's (NML) collection.
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