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Under this were hung flails, harness, various utensils of husbandry, and nets for fishing in the neighboring river.
Aiming in these plays to flail the follies of his time, he makes his chief characters, in spite of his realistic purpose, extreme and distorted
One of its arms was a disabled flail which used to be wielded by Goodman Rigby, before his spouse worried him out of this troublesome world; the other, if I mistake not, was composed of the pudding stick and a broken rung of a chair, tied loosely together at the elbow.
The arms of the combatants whirled in the air like flails. The faces of the men, at first flushed to flame-colored anger, now began to fade to the pallor of warriors in the blood and heat of a battle.
Boar-spears, scythes, flails, and the like, were their chief arms; for the Normans, with the usual policy of conquerors, were jealous of permitting to the vanquished Saxons the possession or the use of swords and spears.
The old men on the rising straw-rick talked of the past days when they had been accustomed to thresh with flails on the oaken barn-door; when everything, even to winnowing, was effected by hand-labour, which, to their thinking, though slow, produced better results.
The great deer-hound was couched on her own bedstead, on her own blanket, and in the next room the idle, empty ceiling-cloth wagged light-heartedly as it flailed on the table.
The instant after her shoulder had touched, startled by the contact, she flailed out with her tail.
[UKPRwire, Tue Jul 23 2019] The purpose of this MRH research study titled Global Flail Debarker Market Insights, Forecast to 2025 is to enlighten the readers about the Flail Debarker Market with a stern focus on the development trends and opportunities projected for future years.
Victory Tractor offers a wide range of ditch bank mowers, flail mowers, and verge mowers that are ideal for private estates, large gardens, agricultural fields, and other properties.
Flail chest occurs in almost 20% of patients hospitalised for blunt chest trauma, and the overall mortality may be as high as 35% (6, 7).
In our unit, all patients with multiple rib fractures and/or flail chest undergo CT of the chest with 3D reconstruction, (15) followed by multidisciplinary discussion between trauma surgery, orthopaedics and intensive care.