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FLAMEFlexible Api for Module Based Environments
FLAMEFacts and Logic About the Middle East (non-profit pro-Israeli organization)
FLAMEFlexible API (Application Programming Interface) for Module-Based Environments
FLAMEFédération pour les Agences Locales de Maîtrise de l'Energie (French: Federation of Local Agencies for Energy Conservation)
FLAMEFlexible Local Approximation Methods
FLAMEField Level Asset Management Environment
FLAMEFamily Life And Maternity Education
FLAMEForeign Language Association for Managers in Education
FLAMEFostering Learning Abilities in Marion Education (Ocala, Florida)
FLAMEFlorida Lawyers Association for the Maintenance of Excellence, Inc.
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You may hear the fire begin to roar already, and I know by experience, that when the flame once gets fairly into the prairie grass, it is no sloth that can outrun it."
What, my councillors, rise, take the hand of Mopo, and hold it to the flame, that his heart may rejoice in the warmth of the flame while we speak together of this matter of the child that was, so my mother sang, born to Baleka, my wife, the sister of Mopo, my servant."
I cannot let her watch for ME in vain, till I have done my best: then tell me where the Fire-Spirits dwell, and I will ask of them the flame that shall give life to the little child and such great happiness to the sad, lonely mother: tell me the path, and let me go."
`Stepping out from behind my tree and looking back, I saw, through the black pillars of the nearer trees, the flames of the burning forest.
* the flames. But the theft, if there be one, would be rather too
As a faint spurt of flame rose from the point where the missile struck he swung over the side and was quickly upon the ground.
The flames which swept rapidly over the light vegetation of the prairies assumed a fiercer character and took a stronger hold amid the wooded glens and ravines of the mountains.
Hundreds of observers saw the flame that night and the night after about midnight, and again the night after; and so for ten nights, a flame each night.
Tongues of flame here and there broke through that cloud.
Lop-Ear and I sat for hours, watching the flames and smoke.
A gunshot suddenly pealed forth and shot its flame into the air.
Do as I say," as Clayton hesitated, and then they saw the lithe figure bound away cross the clearing toward the northwest where the forest still stood, untouched by flame.