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FLANFuture Lawyers Alliance Network
FLANFlying Local Area Network
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Then, using a teaspoon, if necessary - and it almost certainly will be - scrape the pastry up the sides of the flan dish and make a firm line between the base and the sides.
We packed our car, packed our flan cups, and within 24 hours, I was meeting with a buyer." And after a year, her flan was on the shelves of 19 Whole Foods Markets in four states and in more than 120 specialty food markets across the country.
He said: "Benny got a little tired towards the end of the night so I dressed up as the Phantom Flan Flinger and splatted him.
'' '' The result was as appetising as sheep dip flan
Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured worktop to a large circle about 32cm across and use to line the flan tin.
Flan is a typically Spanish or Cuban egg custard, and this coconut-infused modification of a Key West recipe is particularly tasty.
The four-count line includes: Cuatro Leches, fluffy tres leches cake pieces mixed with decadent swirls of dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream; Hot Chocolate Con Churros, cinnamon-spiked chocolate ice cream with chunks of cinnamon sugar churros; Flan, sweet flan-flavored ice cream topped with ribbons of caramelized sugar; and Coconut Mango Swirl, creamy coconut ice cream swirled with mango sorbet to provide a texture-difference delight for the taste buds.
Flan (or creme caramel or creme renversee, depending on where you are) is another example, the custard topped with that caramel crown.
THERE was one question on everybody's lips back in the day - just who was the Phantom Flan Flinger?
The newest collection in the Destinations line features four fragrances: Sangria Blanca, a blend of white grape, orange and pomegranate; Caramel Flan, a blend of vanilla custard pudding immersed in caramel sauce: Spanish Bluebell, a delicate floral aroma of hyacinth, hydrangea and lilac blended with green foliage and sheer musk: and La Tomatina, a scent of fresh tomato and herb mixed with crisp mint leaves, capturing the spirit of the Spanish festival.
Roll pastry and put into a 20cm (8ins) fluted flan tin.
For the milk chocolate tart: 300g shortcrust pastry 20g butter 200g milk chocolate 150ml single cream 50ml full-cream milk A pinch of Maldon salt 11/2 fresh, free-range eggs, beaten For the dark chocolate sauce: 150g bitter chocolate, broken into small pieces; 50ml double cream; 1 tbsp golden syrup; a small knob of butter; a pinch Maldon salt For the white chocolate ganache: 210g white chocolate, broken into small pieces 100ml double cream A pinch of Maldon salt Extras: 1x 8" tart or flan case Baking beans A little cocoa for dusting Method: For the chocolate sauce, whisk the ingredients together in a bowl set over gently simmering water until it becomes smooth and glossy.