FLANDForeign Language Association of North Dakota
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"Laser marking can give you a pretty indelible mark on lots of different materials," says Fland. According to leading British engineering firm Renishaw, every one of its products involves a laser at some stage, whether in terms of high-precision marking for quality and traceability, or for other parts of the manufacturing process.
According to the Annals of Ireland, in 898 a certain Fland incited her husband against his nephews in a territorial dispute.
"The CIDS upgrade at CP Oscar has significantly improved visualization of the Army Battle Command Systems we use for situational awareness and collaborative planning," said MAJ Chris Fland, the Eighth Army USA G2 Intelligence Systems Architecture chief.
Production was halted in 1944, and the film, completed in 1953, had its German premiere in 1954.) Riefenstahi had publicly claimed to have seen "all the Gypsies who worked on Tie fland after the war.