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FLANSFamily Literacy Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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The leche flan recipe was among the numerous ads in the magazine.
Marc Neun, a pharmaceuticals driver, from Basingstoke, who runs the Tiswas Fan Club, was invited to the party where he took on the role as the Phantom Flan Finger on the night.
For this flan, I chose to combine spice and orange, and to use blood oranges, since they are in season now.
Fifty trays of leche flan have so far been sold, but Arlene is still far from her fundraising target.
Cut each slice diagonally and place into a 25cm flan dish, pressing slices evenly to cover the sides and base of the flan.
We had to rehearse, although not with pies, flans or buckets and health and safety stuck their oar in a bit.
The show was haunted by the phantom flan-flinger, a Darth Vader-made-out-of-cheap-cloth dispenser of plates of flan to the faces of children, guests and presenters alike.
Flans, quiches, tarts - they're all the same thing really, a collection of ingredients set in a light savoury custard.
Nielsen-Massey introduces its new Vanilla Bean Paste for use in dessert items such as flans.