FLARAKFlugabwehrrakete (German: flight defense missile)
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Prior information notice without call for competition: Decommissioning Hall 3 Remediation and Disposal Pollutants (17E01822 - 112VN515 ZIP HL / Schwesing, PATRIOT Stellg., Neub.AusbZ FlaRak).
Contract award notice: patriot position schwesing, new training center flarak.
The construction of the training center at the site FlaRak Husum is stationed in the Patriot position Schwesing.
Contract notice: Patriot position schwesing, new training center flarak.
Contract award: "integration of remote maintenance support system (mss) in the data transport air defense network (dtn flarak)".
Contract award: "Making the SASPF ability in data transmission network (DTN) FlaRak, EBS and EBS MatLagerNsch BuchFE-Ausstg FlaRak".