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FLAREFlorida Academic Repository (various schools)
FLAREForeign Law Research
FLAREFlorida Literacy and Reading Excellence Center
FLAREFamily Literacy and Reading Excellence Center
FLAREFLAMES Analysis and Reduction Environment
FLAREFamily Literacy Achieves Reading Excellence
FLAREFilipino League of Amateur Radio Enthusiasts
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He walked to the companion and stooping low to put the flare in its usual place saw in the darkness the motionless pale oval of Mrs.
Then he remembered that the flare might have scorched her face, and expressed his concern.
"But she doesn't look it," he thought in extenuation and was going to say something more to her about the lighting of that flare when another voice was heard in the companion, saying some indistinct words.
Realizing that his greatest hope of success lay in the boldness of his operations he moved off in the direction of the nearest street flare without making any other attempt at concealment than keeping in the shadows of the arcade, which he judged would draw no particular attention to him in that he saw other pedestrians doing likewise.
They were coming directly toward him and the ape-man saw that should he continue on he would meet them directly at the intersection of the two streets in the full light of the flare. His first inclination was to go steadily on, for personally he had no objection to chancing a scrimmage with them; but a sudden recollection of the girl, possibly a helpless prisoner in the hands of these people, caused him to seek some other and less hazardous plan of action.
He had almost emerged from the shadow of the arcade into the full light of the flare and the approaching men were but a few yards from him, when he suddenly kneeled and pretended to adjust the wrappings of his sandals--wrappings, which, by the way, he was not at all sure that he had adjusted as their makers had intended them to be adjusted.
To prosecute his search for the young officer and the girl he must be able to move about the city as freely as possible, but to pass beneath one of the corner flares, naked as he was except for a loin cloth, and in every other respect markedly different from the inhabitants of the city, would be but to court almost immediate discovery.
The street he now took was, at this point, so extremely winding that, for the most part, it received no benefit from the flares at either corner, so that he was forced practically to grope his way in the dense shadows of the arcade.
Here the number of flares was increased so that they appeared not only at street intersections but midway between as well, and there were many more people abroad.
The sergeant who shot him fancied that he heard voices on the creek, and crept up to the wall just before the flare came.
Fortune-telling not know the name!' cried the boy, seeming to be rather relieved by this default on the part of the hollow down by the flare. 'Pupil-teacher.'
Your library of books is the hollow down by the flare, I think.'